ATC Logistics Park like as Shipping Solutions for Fashion and Clothing

ATC Logistics Park is the totality of facilities (customs warehouses, industrial facilities, road transport vehicle parking lots), and offices in its service. Logistics integrated in an ATC Custer type activity, serves for the maximum saving of time and expenses in transport, which directly affect the cost of production.

Such an Industrial – Logistics Park of ATC is necessary and mandatory, as it will offer logistics services as well as the service of multi-modal transport organization (Land, Sea, Air).

It also ensures the storage and preservation of ATC products and its customers, in customs warehouses (without customs duties and taxes), as well as organizes internal territorial movements in Albania.

ATC will offer competitive Fashion Clothing and Garments Logistic Shipping Services. We will take care of everything, from Booking Request and Storage to Final Delivery at Customer Premises based on our Shipping Experience of Textile / Garment / Fashion / Apparel / Clothes / Ready Made Garments Industries.

ATC Logistics must be a trusted name in shipping clothing, garments, and fashion accessories all over the world. We will offer the best shipping services for men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and apparel.

We will offer an international garment distribution service for businesses in Balkan, European countries and more. Partnering with our shipping service will allow your business to sell branded clothing and accessories to popular retailer brands in Europe and North America. If your business receives a clothing and fashion delivery order from anywhere around the world, you will count on us to get it delivered quickly and reliably.

Garment shipping or Apparel shipping can be a very stressful process due to many obstacles it might face such as lost packages, hidden fees, damaged products, bad packing, etc… but with our garment / apparel shipping team, this process will be hassle-free, where we will handle the whole process in full or partial handling depends on agreement since we have been doing this garments shipping business for long time now.

ATC Logistics will be the perfect partner that takes your garment / apparel shipping to the next level. Let us handle your next fashion clothing and garments shipping order, right up to the customer’s door.

What We Offer

ATC Logistics will be an integrated unit of logistics companies operating in the Balkan Peninsula and the EU Market. Currently, we develop our activity in Albania, since 2007 and we have gradually expanded towards Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and Greece. Likewise, the main target for us has been and remains the EU Market, like Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Poland, etc.

Our Vision:

ATC Logistics will try to become a leader in the region by offering Independent Logistics and covered with our offices, in all countries in the Balkan Peninsula and the main EU countries.

Our mission:

ATC Logistics will work hard to become a regional provider of independent transport logistics that offers new, professional and competitive services to our customers and industries.

Business ethics:

ATC Logistics will encourage such measures to ensure compliance with international rules and EU standards related to safe transportation, competition, corruption, and the safety of our employees.

Environmental policy:

ATC Logistics will work in accordance with all international environmental legislation and in full compliance with European standards defined in EU directives. We will strongly encourage recycling internally also among our customers and suppliers, and we will improve our operations in order to reduce the waste and environmental pollution that comes as a result of our activity.

ATC Logistics will do the best to makes it easier for clothing, garments, ready-made garments and fashion accessories retailers to ship their products into the required destinations. We take care of everything, so that you don’t have to worry at all.

We will make the process of shipping textiles and fashion accessories around the world very easy. The old logistic company, which this project will involve, has a long history of successful operations for over 20 years.

Services provided:

ATC Logistics will consist of a team of professionals in the field, who will combine deep local knowledge with international shipping practices. We will constantly follow the changes in the industries of the countries with which we will operate, and we will implement new services for safe markets.

ATC Logistics claims to be an active organization that adapts and makes changes.

Whether if you are a small business garment producer or a major clothing and fashion manufacturer, we can help you in the same way and with the same quality. We will help you expand your business into new markets with ease. Our supply network can ship your products to customers on the other side of the globe, acting as your business partners.

What Services Are Included Under ATC Logistics Garment Shipping?

  • Ocean shipping for garment, fashion, clothes, and apparel.
  • Air shipping for garment, fashion, clothes, and apparel.
  • Land transportation from factory to port.
  • Supply chain consolidation services.
  • Air/Sea/Land delivery solutions.
  • Shipping with garment boxes.
  • Shipping with garment on hanger (GOH).

Land Logistics:

The land logistics representative offices of ATC Logistics will be adjacent to the customs warehouses and the main customs offices in the countries where we will operate.

Our Land transport department is currently and will continue to be in the future, the strongest point of our business services. For us, it will not matter if “a good price” or a “shipment at all costs” will be required by land, a full container or groupage, a customs action or simply classified transport of goods. ATC Logistics will be able to offer the most suitable solution to its customers.

ATC Logistics will offer a wide range of ground logistics services. Our Ground Logistics Department will offer you international and domestic ground transportation (Road & Rail), warehousing and distribution services, personal belongings transfer and packing services, customs clearance, and cargo insurance. We are carefully selecting our suppliers in order to enable a competitive yet reliable logistics solution.

Air and Sea Logistics:

The representative offices for Air and Sea Logistics of ATC Logistics will be adjacent to the main ports and airports in the countries where we will operate.

Our Air and Sea shipping department forms the heart of our business services. It will not matter to us whether a “good price” or a “shipment at any cost” by air or sea, a full container or groupage, a customs action or simply classified transport of goods will be required. ATC Logistics will be able to offer the most suitable solution to its customers.

Logistics for Fairs and Events:

The staff of ATC Logistics currently has extensive experience in cargo for exhibitions, various sports activities and cultural events. Our Fairs and Events Department will offer you an integrated solution for the special needs of these cargoes such as: design of the transport plan with fixed dates, packaging and packaging solutions, support in the required customs documentation, services and offices in the place of the activity and a person available 24/7.

Why Use ATC Logistics for Your Garments Shipping?

    • ATC Logistics must be an international shipper and distributor with a wide network in many countries. We must supply everything for Textile & Garment industry, from row materials to clothing, ready garments and industrial equipment for this industry.
    • We will offer very competitive prices for multi-carrier options with tailored solutions for each customer separately such as showing many alternatives for choosing the best shipping mode available to have excellent relationships with our garment clients.
    • We will make the process of shipping your clothing and garments to locations like the USA and Europe easy and cost-effective as well as other markets around the globe.
    • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We will make every effort to ensure that client orders are processed accurately and quickly. We will strive to create mutually beneficial relationships with clients that are based on trust and reliability.

How Do I Ship My Garments Products

We must offer the complete choice of delivery options, speed, and handling to our clients, ensuring that their garment products will be delivered the way they want.

    • Choose the speed of delivery you want
    • Have complete control on costs and deadlines
    • Our shipping services are designed around client needs instead of asking our clients to adjust their orders.


Supplier Checks

Please make sure that you complete the following checks for the smooth delivery of your garment’s products.

Clothing and Fashion Delivery Destinations

ATC Logistics will offer quick and reliable delivery for clothing and fashion products around the world. We are working with top retailers and last-mile delivery companies from many countries around the world.

We will offer clothing and fashion products shipping services from Albania, Balkan, and the rest of Europe.

Comprehensive Garments Shipping Service

ATC Logistics must be involved in the garments shipping business for more than 20 years’ experience. We understand that garment businesses and fashion brands have to stay ahead of ever-changing trends and can only compete in the market if each new style and order moves through the supply chain on time.

Our delivery programs will help fashion brands working on strict timelines to manage their supplies effectively and efficiently.

That’s why we will customize our garment shipping solutions for each assignment and offer the best delivery options for business partners. As well as we will help them in their cost reduction strategies by optimizing garment shipping spending and choosing the right shipping strategies, shipping lines, modes, etc..

An Overview of Garments Shipping out of Albania:

    • For Ocean Export shipment:

We will use some main USA ports and as part of the Ocean freight service we are doing the transportation for Garment shipments from the industrial zone factories who are export their Garments under the (FTA) free trade Agreement with USA.

    • For Air Shipment:

We will use many Airlines and serve a lot of USA main airport.

For Import we are handling a lot of Ocean & Air shipments for the Textile Raw Materials (Cotton, fibers, fabrics, buttons, sewing materials) & Machines which required by the factories for their Garments Business from many origins such as: China – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Turkey and rest of countries.

    • Garment shipping with Garment Boxes:

Garment Boxes, are an easy way to store, handle and ship for the garment industry where it might pack flat with or without hangers as well as folded.

    • Garment shipping with Garment On Hanger or GOH:

Garment on Hanger shipping Containers, are dry standard containers that are embedded with specific hangers to let you able to carry apparel / garment on hangers.

Major benefits of Garment On Hanger GOH:

    • Wrinkle free garment
    • Cost Reduction, since No or minimal re-ironing/steamer needed
    • On Store Time Saving, and we all know that “Time is Money” because all you need to do once you receive your garments is to hang in store directly.
    • Reduces packing/unpacking requirements significantly.

Documents That Might be Required for Garments Shipping:

In addition to the standard documents might be needed in full or partially depends on selected countries and other factors, even more specific documents might be needed depends on the case and you can consult with our experts by clicking below only one button and share more info with us!

Below are some illustrative photos, to better concretization the idea of the project ATC Logistics Park, integrated within the macro structure of ATC Custer: